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Wait! Hang on! You want to know more about me?  Are you nuts? Ok, then. You asked for it!


My career started way back in 1983 in London recording studios (Morgan Studios, Marcus Music and Aosis Studios).


I worked with artists such as Whodini,  Trio, AswadBaron Rojo, Bronski Beat, The CommunardsBlancmange and The Cocteau Twins.

failed pop stardom.


In '87, I decided to give this 'pop star thing' a go myself and formed the band Babayaga with Hamish MacColl (brother of Kirsty MacColl).


I'm not really sure what the hell happened, but amazingly we ended up signing to the legendary Fly Records (home of T-Rex, Procol Harum and The Move).


Babayaga was the first signing to the newly revived Fly label. However, we were dropped after only one single and most of our vinyl ended up in record store bargain bins across the nation.


Realising that I didn't have the required 'facial talent' to be the next teen heartthrob, I moved to the home for failed pop stars - music journalism.



I joined the music magazine International Musician & Recording World as a writer in early 1988, interviewing musicians including; Sinéad O'Connor, The Fall, The Mission, The Wonder Stuff, The Pet Shop Boys, and The Soup Dragons.


I became the title's editor In 1990, leaving in '91 to launch the UK version of the successful Australian heavy metal music mag, Hot Metal.

In 1994, I started freelancing, which saw me regularly writing for popular UK music and teen magazines. I contributed interviews, reviews and articles for NMEMelody MakerSmash HitsJust SeventeenMizz, MoreBlissSugar, and Dolly.

As well as being the founder and editor-in-chief of punk music magazine, Punktuation, I'm also currently writing a book about punk's musical and social history. (Due to be published in early 2022).

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