magic of words.

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Words are like a powerful magical potion. Words can lift somebody up, they can also tear them down. Words can transform our emotions in an instant, and they can enlist us into their cause.


Words can shape our future and define our past. Words can create dreams.

I love the power held within words. So whether you need words to attract customers, words for your blog, your press releases, brochures or newsletters, I'm here to help!

Your business needs copy that works. Good copy sells. It tells a story, it entertains the reader, resonates with them and compels them to take action.

Big brands understand the magical power of words. They know that when cleverly crafted, words help them stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

You will know these brands just from the words of their slogans, "Just Do It." "Because You're Worth It." “The Best a Man Can Get.” “Taste The Rainbow.” It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good.” “Don’t Leave Home Without It.”

Utilising a copywriting professional can unleash the magic of words for your business, increasing brand awareness, sales and profit margins!

what you get.


Personally Crafted 
Original copy - no templates used here! 

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We know you inside out and know what make you unique 

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Press releases that get guarenteed results.

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Creates Action

Magazines and journals will want to promote your band.

web site landing page

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So, you're happy with your current website, but you feel the content leaves much to be desired? Don't stress!

As a website content writer, small businesses and individuals get in touch with me when they realise the wall they're smacking their head against doesn't seem to be helping with the creative process.

Writing website content that works and attracts customers isn’t as easy as some may think! 

Good copy needs to: 

  • Give your brand a unique voice.

  • Make your brand stand out

  • Present quality content to your customers

  • Promote your product or service

  • Give readers a sense of urgency

Stop wasting your time sweating over copy that you're not even convinced effectively explains what it is you do.


Work with a website content writer  (erm...that'd be me) who wants you to take a deep breath, relax, and give you the space to get on with the one hundred and one other important things you need to do!


I will effortlessly make you sound like a Pulitzer Prize award-winning writer and 'wow your customers' for you!


blog copy.

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Writing blog articles for your business is a great idea if done well.

A well-written blog will:

  • Show your audience that you really know your stuff!

  • Keep your audience engaged, informed and, who knows, maybe even entertained.

  • It will also keep your website fresh and relevant.


Businesses across the world and of all sizes invest a lot of their marketing budget into 'talking' to their customers via blogs.



It shows you're there to help your customers, you're providing them with a 'value-add' (sorry, was that hackneyed marketing phrase, I slipped in there?), and it helps foster ongoing conversations.

However, because most business owners have a 'to-do list as long as their arm, blogs are all too often moved on to the  'I'll-get-around-to-it" list.


Don't let this happen!

Keeping your blog as fresh as a daisy is easy when you employ a writer who understands your business and comes up with regular fresh ideas to keep your customers connected and informed!

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print copy.

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So, you've had your website created and the content is rockin'. You can just take your web copy and put it into your business print collateral, right? 

Wrong! Print media and websites work differently, so your copy needs to be tweaked. 

Look at print copy and web copy as being two different tools for your business. While they may look similar, one is better at the job than the other.


The difference between a shovel and a spade is a good analogy. They both look comparable, but when digging a hole, the spade will get you much better results.

Printed material is usually something you send a customer after they have viewed your website and they are looking for more information.


Be it a full proposal, an annual report, a sales brochure, flyer, poster, mailer or a banner, each need to get your business message across in a different way.

Employing a professional will take out the guesswork, not to mention the stress and the risk of your expensive printed material not working.


web & social media copy

Looking for content copy that's guaranteed to work? 

blog copy

Want to keep your blog up-to-date, relevant and regular?


print copy

Need copy for print sales collateral, tender documents, and brochures?

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more  copywriting info

Find out how my copywriting and content strategies can help your business grow. Contact me today!